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BREATHE | Breath & Wellness: 21 Day Guided Program

Access your new program anywhere, anytime on any device with easy to learn videos, quick powerful breathing practices to boost your immunity, release physical & emotional weight, and have more energy in just minutes a day.


Boost Your Immunity 

Scientific research and national studies are proving that the right kind of breathwork done at the right time can raise your natural immunity. I'll teach you how in this 21 day guided breath and wellness program using ancient wisdom to rise above the chronic stress in the modern world. You'll learn the best of the best. 

Let Go of Physical & Emotional Weight

In 21 days, you'll get everything you need to learn how to master your breath to let go of stress, which is guaranteed to help you burn fat through specific breathing techniques. You also get 12+ special breath practices including how to use your breathing to love yourself better and control your cravings, mood swings, and energy levels.

Have More Energy

Through learning the box and circular breathing, you'll gain a powerful new understanding of how to generate natural, clean burning energy using the fuel source of your own breath. For a limited time, you get lifetime access, free upgrades to all future training modules, free additional training modules, special VIP coupons.

Special Low Price (Limited Time) 

BREATHE gives you everything you need to boost your immunity, release physical + emotional weight, and have more energy in just minutes a day.

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Hey My Friend! 

My name is Josh Trent and I help humans breathe better, deeper, and with more self love so they can let go of physical and emotional weight.

I have a passion for Breathwork.. for SO many reasons.

From an early age I struggled with anxiety and before I knew it, food, drugs, and porn became coping mechanisms that took me 25 years to learn how to let go of...

If you are the hero of your own story who has been struggling with anxiety or depression, I understand exactly where you are and I'm here to help.

If I only had the power of the breath to help me control and let go of my chronic anxiety and stress, and also to help me burn fat the right way. (without struggling)

If I only had what you have right in front of you here with the BREATHE program... I would have saved myself over two decades of pain.

I call this journey "my return back home to myself," and I'm here to share all the lessons, practical and ancient wisdom and techniques with you.

By the end of this 21 day guided video program, you will learn how to use the power of specialized breathing techniques as your ally and trusted companion that will guide you through anything life brings your way.

So you can return back home to YOU.

This program is perfect for YOU if:

  • You’ve been hearing about the power of breathwork and want to try it yourself.
  • You feel overwhelmed, overworked, and overstimulated and your meditation practice isn’t helping...
  • You feel blocked and unable to move forward with big decisions in your life due to a lack of self-confidence. 
  • You want to begin your journey of healing underlying pain and old beliefs and move toward love and most importantly, SELF love.

If you wait, tomorrow will be just like today...

  • Energy without motion will stay STUCK. Without learning how to breathe away your stress, it will stop you in your tracks.
  • You will wake up tomorrow, and it will be groundhog day.
  • The mental loops that occupy your mind will fester and continue to get worse.
  • You can't heal a heart based issue from the mind alone; you must have the courage to choose to go deep within your own self and use your breath to access the truth of what's stuck.

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Frequently Asked Questions


3 Weeks That Will Change Your Life



Week 1: Activation

βœ… The Science, Health Benefits & History of Breathwork

βœ… The 3 Phases of Stress Reduction 

βœ… Breathing Posture & Space Setup

βœ… Circular & Box Breathing With Your 4 Diaphragms

βœ… Using Energy Locks & Breath Hold Retentions

βœ… Quickstart - 7 Min Daily Practice | Box Breathing

βœ… Quickstart - 7 Min Daily Practice | Circular Breathing

βœ… Systematic Desensitization

βœ… Advanced Exercises Setup

βœ… 21 Day CORE Training Plan

Week 2: Integration

βœ… 21 Min Guided Circular Breathing Meditation | Recharge & Reset

βœ… 21 Min Box Breathing Meditation | Focused Energy & Grounding

βœ… Introduction To Stress Reduction Breathwork

βœ… Breathwork For Acute Stress Management

βœ… Breathwork For Relationship Conflict

βœ… Breathwork For Public Speaking 

βœ… Breathwork For Meditation

βœ… Breathwork For Workplace Stress

βœ… Emergency Breathwork For Anxiety

βœ… Breathwork For Self Esteem & Self Love (3/3/3/3 Audible)

Week 3: Mastery

βœ… Introduction To Advanced Tools

βœ… Foam Rolling The Abdominal Wall & Growing Your Breathing Muscles

βœ… Cannabidiol (CBD), Breathwork, & The Endocannabinoid System

βœ… Wellness CBD Breathing™

βœ… Clearing Physiology & Energy w/ Dr. Nick Berry (Essential Oil Wizardry)

βœ… The Default Mode Network

βœ… Psychoneuroimmunology

βœ… How Breathwork Can Unlock Self Love & Personal Power

βœ… Intro to Journey & Catharsis Breathing

βœ… BONUS: 7 Binaural Beats Breathwork Meditations


More About Me & How I Will Serve YOU:


I am the Founder of Wellness Force Media and Host of the Wellness Force Podcast and I've spent the past 18 years as a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

My life is dedicated to supporting humanity coming together as one.

Starting with the way YOU breathe.

After publishing over 400+ high-level interviews with some of the most respected minds in the health, wellness, and self-help industries, I've also been spotlighted in major wellness media outlets such as Onnit, Spartan, SEALFIT and Paleo f(x).

I have over 10,000 hours coaching clients in a 1-1 level and I hold a C.E.S certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I created BREATHE | Breath & Wellness to give you everything you need to let go of old weight, destress, and build immunity so you can live your best life.


But don't just take my word for it... check out some of the thousands of happy BREATHE | Breath & Wellness members in the testimonials below! πŸ‘‡

Tash suffered from acute anxiety her whole life...

"Doing the BREATHE program takes me out of my head, puts me in my body and allows me to find quietness. For me the end goal, the thing I've always wanted for myself is to have a quiet mind, and a rational mind. For the first time in a long time, and in quite a sustained way - through Josh's work - my mind is so quiet and it's peaceful. I really don't think I could have done this without Josh's course."


Willie learned how to connect to his authentic self...

"First of all thank you from the bottom of my core-soul! Breathing with the BREATHE program, I was able to grasp hold of what I have been really seeking in the past 15 years since I discovered that I wanted to go on the journey of just being myself. The feeling I get from the breathing exercise... when I breathe in deeply... The part of my power that has been hurt, I was able to get access and reach. Thank you for bringing that out of me!"


“Josh is just such a great guide for me in my life with breathwork and his programs are just epic! It's so good to have Josh on my team; he is an amazing mentor and friend to me who really brings the value of breathwork to the forefront of my daily practices and there is no argument to be had that it is one of the most important powerful things that you can do for yourself.

Josh really sets it up and walks you through it in such a way that it feels like you have a friend right there with you and that makes all the difference in the world I'm very grateful for Josh and what he offers the world."


“Josh’s depth of knowledge and wisdom in both the science AND practical use of breathwork is profound, and the resources he offers in this arena have the ability to change your life in unimaginable ways!

I wholeheartedly recommend Josh and this program if you were looking to go deep into yourself and learn from the power of your own breath."

Encinitas, CA

“Josh really has a unique gift when it comes to teaching the real way to do and to use breath work.

I took the program on a whim because it was so inexpensive and it had great reviews but once I got inside I was absolutely blown away with how easy this is to do (I'm 61 years young) I fully recommend his expertise to anyone who finally wants to get control over the stress of this age. The reality is that if we can breathe, we CAN choose! Thank you Josh for your teachings."

Waco, TX

“Josh has created one of the most valuable tools I have come across with his program.

I felt as if I had a personal coach every step of the way.

His clear passion and communication help me to truly find my breath again."

Cornville, AZ

“To be in full control of one's breath is the primary act of a fully realized, fully empowered, sovereign being. No matter the outward circumstance, WE control our breath, and that sends a powerful message to the mind, body and soul. I am free. I am sovereign. I CHOOSE how I respond. And there is no better teacher of breathwork than Josh Trent!"

Dripping Springs, TX

“Josh’s step by step breathwork guide has been truly valuable in my wellness journey this year. I love that I have a variety of different breathwork practices on hand to help me with whatever I am facing.

As someone who struggles with meditation, BREATHE has been a great tool to help me focus and be more present."

Wellington, New Zealand 

"Josh was able to combine a talented skillset of communication and attunement to holistically understand, explain, coach and correct my breathing pattern.

His understanding of the mechanics and importance of the human breath is unmatched and showed a dedicated desire to helping me grow."


"This program is by far one of my favorite Breathwork programs and not just because Josh is my partner, although that is a bonus for me! This program goes deeper into the science and physiological aspects of breathwork. Josh’s style of breathwork will put anyone in a state of pure bliss and self-acceptance. I remember the first time we did this breathwork sequence together— I was really struggling with anxiety and nervous feelings and every time I bring myself to this breathwork all the feelings in my chess easily melt away, and I have tried many different modalities. Josh also has a voice of an angel that soothes and nurtures you along the way from fear, pain, and mental exhaustion to a deep state of freedom, peace and confidence in all areas of your life! 


"Josh is an absolute master when it comes to teaching the simple but really really powerful ways that you can use specifically the box breathing to get out of that fear state. I was struggling with that for quite some time and after I did the second week of the program during one of the 21 minute meditations my life was changed forever because I knew I could use this in any situation to get out of my own head and to be in my heart. Thank you Josh for all you do!"

Leucadia, CA

“Omggg thank thank you thank you for the breathwork course!

I am blown away! I've just done the first exercise and I just can't believe we aren't doing this every day!

Breathwork is like drinking water!!! if you can breath, you can choose" ....that is profound in so many different ways.

Thank you! Thank you! πŸ™


"I struggle with anxiety, and this past year allowed me an opportunity to either succumb to it, or thrive despite it. I chose to thrive. Certain tools and practices have helped me along the way, including BREATHE. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It taught me how to clear my mind of lies, and separate reality from the anxious thought. It slowed my heart rate, allowed for deep cleansing breaths, and gently guided me through good and bad days. For beginners, or experienced Breathwork practitioners, I highly recommend this program. You will walk away better from it!

Bloomsburg, PA

“I have tried the 21 breath warrior breathing followed by box breathing and a 8 to 10 minute meditation the last 2 mornings and it makes me feel euphoric then calm and focused.

Thank you for putting that out there the rest of us! It is just a matter of time before I finish the entire program and I'm only two weeks in to find myself feeling so much more relaxed and in control of my thoughts."

Las Cruces, NM

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Boost your immunity, release physical + emotional weight, and have more energy.

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What Are Top Health & Mindset Pros Are Saying About The BREATHE | Breath & Wellness 21 Day Program?

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DNM, DC & Wellness Speaker, Podcast Host 


"It seems too simple to be true, but Josh has taken the guesswork out of breathwork.

It's a no brainer.

If you're looking to improve your emotional and physical well-being, Josh's program is a must."


Dr. Chad Walding, DPT
Co-Founder of NativePath

“Most impactful and well designed Breathwork sessions I’ve ever experienced!  Josh’s guidance and instruction on the important art of breathing is as good as it gets. 

I’ve tried many other techniques from Wim Hoff, Kundalini, Qi Gong on more… but nothing was as simple and as effective as this. I’m no longer feeling stressed and anxious in my everyday life in large part because of what I now know from Josh’s teachings. 

This course is an absolute MUST if you’re looking to find inner peace and put your body back in it’s natural state. 

Thank you so much Josh for this incredible gift to humanity!”

Errin Smith, Founder of What We Crave & Health EntrepreneurΒ 

"I never understood the incredible power of breath work until I met Josh and went through hisΒ BREATHE program. Within my first 10 minutes, I had a massive emotional release with tears streaming down my face for a half hour... I felt amazing afterwards and still to this day feel the shifts.

This is a game changer and everyone should be doing this, especially right now.

It is the path to literally changing everything, and now I see why."

Ronnie Landis, Founder of Addiction Free Lifestyle & Wellness Author

Josh is a living embodiment of what he teaches when it comes to whole human health, emotional intelligence, and using our breath as a way to access heightened states of human potential. 

This program was made for the human being who has a strong desire to become their best self and let go of the incessant stressors that tend to plague all of us, especially right now. Josh's program delivers practical wisdom that anyone can use for life!"

Johnny Blackburn, Founder of Presence Academy

“Josh has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skills over the years through education and training as well as in interviewing world experts in health and wellness. He combines that with a rich curiosity and contagious passion in his mission to help people be physically and emotionally well in the 21st Century. Josh will teach you why Breathing is a cornerstone of your health and one of the fastest most effective ways to decrease stress. He is deeply dedicated to the art and science of breathing. Take this course if you want to master your body and life with the competence and mindset that comes with breath empowerment. 

Jay Brown, Co-Founder of Soul Factory & Mindset Expert

"One thing I look for when it comes to learning from anyone is how passionate they are about what they are teaching, because that passion is a reflection of how much work they are willing to put into learning and understanding their craft. And of course if they have that passion then that means I'll be able to receive exactly what I need to get the results I'm looking for.

Josh definitely has an immense amount of passion for breathwork And facilitating others to understand and improve their ability to use their breath for healing and empowerment love and I love what he is doing in the world."

Tara Garrison, Top Health & Wellness Presenter & Entrepreneur 

“Josh has expertise in so many facets of health; there are so many things he could teach you!

Yet he has wisely boiled things down to one of the most simple yet impactful practices you can learn in this life: breath work.

He walks the walk and is the living embodiment of the life-changing impact of learning how to harness the power of breath.”

Mike Mutzel, Podcast Host & Founder of High Intensity Health

"About two years ago Josh taught me his box breathing technique and it's been an absolute game changer.

I now use it with all my clients, I share with friends and family, and it's really helped me to better deepen and further explore my breathing practice for this time tested strategy to modulate or stress response and improve resilience. I'm forever grateful and highly recommend Josh's work!"


Clark Kegley,  Pro YouTube Personality & Mindset Mentor

"The best program I’ve used on breath work.

If you’re looking for a natural way to conquer the stress or anxiety in your life…

RUN, don’t walk to get this program.

Your higher self will thank you."

Breathe Away Stress: Starting Today 

BREATHE gives you everything you need to boost your immunity, release physical + emotional weight, and have more energy in just minutes a day.

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"If you can breathe, you can choose."


- Josh Trent

Start Breathing Better Today 

Boost your immunity, release physical and emotional weight, and have more energy in just minutes a day.

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