Boost your immunity and calm your mind with freedom from chronic stress in the modern world.

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Freedom From Chronic Stress

A 21 day guided breath and wellness program using ancient wisdom to boost your immunity, calm your mind, and give you freedom from chronic stress in the modern world.


Guided Practice

In 21 days, you'll get everything you need to learn how to master your breath to let go of stress,

plus 12+ special breath practices including how to use your breathing to love yourself better and control your cravings, mood swings, and energy levels.

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For a limited time, you get lifetime access, free upgrades to all future training modules, free additional training modules, special VIP coupons for safe vape, essential oils, CBD, nootropics and more as well as private WF group access.

“OMG Josh! This has literally changed my life. I feel like I now have a set of tools I can go to when my anxiety gets to me. Seriously, the best program ever for breathwork that I can actually understand and use."

San Diego, CA

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Combining special breathing meditations infused with the Wellness CBD Breathing™ safe vape cannabidiol, BREATHE gives you everything you need to let go of old weight, destress, and build immunity so you can live your best life.

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